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Tuesday Morning Rockplie:

Apparently, someone threw a no-hitter last night. Eh . . . the Rockies won their third game in a row! The Rocky Mountain News has a good picture of Q starting the double play right before he fell hard to the ground. But Q's a gamer, as we mentioned last night, and stayed in the game. As Q said after the game:

"I could see him coming out of the corner of my eye, so I knew I was going to wear it," Quintanilla said. "I am a tough player. It whiplashed me, pinched my neck and back a little bit, and now my foot hurts. But we needed the out there."

And what a big out it was. Jeff Baker, who Q came in for later in the game, also deserves some praise for his defense last night when he made the throw to home to get Aaron Rowand out just after Jose Castillo struck out swinging.

It's been three in a row for the Rockies, so why not put Aaron Cook back on the winning track when they go for four straight tonight? After a less than desirable performance against the D'Backs on May 15, Aaron Cook will face Tim Lincecum tonight. Cook last faced the Giants on April 29. Lincecum's only loss this season so far came in that contest. That was the game we saw Chris Iannetta play third and Garrett Atkins second. Guess that won't happen this time--no Tulo to get injured this time.

Speaking of him, Tulo has begun taking part in light workouts, but still has a long way to go on the road to recovery. So, while out guy starts his way back to the game action, the Padres' Jake Peavy is about to go on the DL today for a troublesome elbow and may be out for six weeks.

Those maple bats are dangerous.