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Wednesday Pebble Report:

Luckily only two games on the slate last night, making the Pebble Report easy to do this morning. My most recent farm report post compared the different fortunes in 2008 of the Rockies two top pitching prospects heading into the season, Franklin Morales and Greg Reynolds.

Colorado Springs: W 3-2

The two hottest bats in the PCL heading into this contest were left handed sluggers Seth Smith and Ian Stewart. For the first time in two weeks, neither of them did much of note, but luckily a third left-handed slugger was there to pick up the slack. Joe Koshansky, therefore, gets the props this morning for his three hit, two RBI night that led the Sox to a close victory over Kirk Saarloos and Sacramento. Respect should go to Saarloos, who held Stewart and Smith to a zero for seven night with just one walk, but some respect should also be given to Glendon Rusch, who in his system debut for the Sky Sox allowed just two hits in five innings and struck out five.

Asheville: W 10-2

Sheng An Kuo gave up ten hits in his eight innings, but he did pitch eight innings. He walked none, struck out six and got a quality start for the fourth time in his last five appearances. The offense was obviously there to back him, including two hits each for Darin Holcomb and Jeff Cunningham. Cunningham homered and doubled and drove in four. Jhoulys Chacin is having another terrific start right now in a day game, but the Tourists are currently down two to one in the eighth inning.