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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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So besides the loss last night that led to my little rant this morning, the major news for the Rockies yesterday was Troy Tulowitzki taking batting practice for the first time since he went on the DL. So far, no hiccups in Tulo's recovery, which is good to hear. We'll still get healthy in the pitching staff first, with Kip Wells, Jason Hirsh and Luis Vizcaino all making progress toward their returns. At that point, I suppose many here will be relieved to note that we can demote Alberto Arias, who gave up two runs last night and earned much scorn, for the Viz. That should put us over the top.

Okay, sorry for my sarcasm. I swear I'll drop it now. Anyway, the Rockies can salvage their second straight series victory with a win today by giving Ubaldo Jimenez the kind of backing pitchers willing to throw at Coors Field deserve. I'm talking about eight or nine runs, not the five or less we've been churning out since the season began.