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Pre-Draft Top 30 PuRPs - Polling Thread

This year, it seems, we're going to need a strong infusion from the draft and from our Latin American program to fill out the rank and file in the system as well as give new life to the top of the PuRPs list, as I have a feeling that the list we are going to come up with at this point is going to be pretty shaky in the bottom half. A lot of this is due to more questions arising than have been answered in this first part of the minor league season. In that vein,don't forget the players still at extended spring training in Tuscon or at the Rockies Dominican complex when filling out your lists, we definitely don't have enough quality in the four full season leagues to merit the exclusion of the best players at those places from consideration.

List your top 30 prospects, minor or major leaguers who would be eligible for the 2008 ROY Award. Incomplete lists aren't accepted, so do some research if you can't think of thirty. I'll accept polls submitted before the conclusion of Saturday afternoon's Mets game.