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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Where have you gone, Larry Walker?

I didn't even light a candle to commemorate the twelfth anniversary of Walker's six straight extra base hits in 1996. The Rockies current team managed just six extra base hits altogether in the three game series with the Giants we just wrapped up.

Thus far, the Rockies have 136 extra base hits in 2008, which leaves them on a pace for 469 for the entire season. The last Rockies team to have less than 500 was the 2005 team that finished with 464. The 2002 team finished with 476 and the only other Rockies squad to finish with fewer than 500 over a 162 game schedule was the expansion 1993 team with 479. That said, I really don't think we'll wind up with fewer than 500 this season. In 2007, the Rox had just 122 extra base hits through 47 games, and obviously, the pace picked up during the summer. This team is better than it appears right now, these players are late boomers, but it's going to take a plague of locusts in Arizona to help the Rox all the way out of the hole they've dug this time around. That would be nice, actually, a swarm of locusts descending on Chase Field would perk up my week next time the Snakes are at home.

At any rate, at this point Dan O'Dowd isn't ruling out a major roster shakeup in the form of trades around the All-Star break if the team hasn't approached .500. Matt Holliday seems more likely to be moved at this point were that to occur than Garrett Atkins -probably because there's more demand- in order to make room for Ian Stewart and/or Seth Smith.

Meanwhile, while Troy Tulowitzki's recovery seems to be going ahead of schedule, you'll note from that link that Jason Hirsh's timetable has been pushed back to at least late June.