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Friday Morning Metspile:

So, the Mets just lost a four-game series to the Atlanta Braves. They are now fourth in the NL East:

NL East Standings

Florida 27 19 .586 0 Won 3
Atlanta 26 21 .553 1.5 Won 5
Philadelphia 27 22 .551 1.5 Won 3
New York 22 23 .488 4.5 Lost 4
Washington 20 28 .416 8 Lost 2

(updated 5.23.2008 at 9:58 AM EDT)

That can only mean . . . Willie Randolph's job is in jeopardy!

Willie Randolph's job wasn't considered in imminent danger Thursday afternoon, but the manager will be in trouble if the Mets don't salvage the remainder of their seven-game trip that continues tonight in Colorado, the Daily News has learned.

And not receiving a return call from the owners also feeds into this uncertainty surrounding Randolph.

If the outcome of this series is anything close to what it was last year when the Rockies swept the Mets 6-2, 11-3, and 17-7 at Coors, I guess we'll start hearing about people wanting Randolph's head on a platter. Of course, it does seem rather foolish to make Randolph the scapegoat for the team's problems.

Probably should have something about the Rockies in here: Liberty Media bought FSN Rocky Mountain, but can't assume FSN's ownership stake because the company also owns the Braves. Tracy Ringolsby has more (near the end of the column).

Oliver Perez takes on Greg Reynolds tonight. Time for the Mets to cure what ails the Rockies, and not the Rockies to cure what ails the Mets.