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Saturday Morning Rockpile: Stewart back to the show?

Last night's win was encouraging in so many ways with regards to the offense, particularly seeing Garrett Atkins hit his early homer with RISP and Matt Holliday come through twice when we needed him, but losing Clint Barmes -who lately had been one of the few bright spots to the season- could really hurt.

I've received an anonymous tip this morning, and thereby I have no idea how trustworthy the source is, that Ian Stewart will be called up to replace Barmes on the roster by today's game. Since Purple Row is a blog and anonymous tips are what blogs do, I'm going with it, but please take the info with the skepticism that our more lax journalistic standards deserve. How this would work, I presume, is with Q at short, Baker at second, Herrera backing up both, and Stewart becoming Atkins and Helton's sub. It's going to be nice to get his bat another look, but at the expense of one of the better bats we had going for us right now doesn't help much.

Russ and I independently answered five questions about the Rockies for Take the 7 Train's Jessica Bader, and I sent her four questions of my own about the Mets that I'll post before today's game. I also answered some questions for D.J. Short of MetsBlog, but that hasn't been posted yet and I'll get you a link when it does.