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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Being sick yesterday and not really paying attention to the game, I didn't know that Matt Holliday injured his left hamstring while running to first in the bottom of the ninth. There's speculation Cory Sullivan did not play for the Sky Sox last night because the Rockies may activate him. Another injury, just what we need

As the FanPost to the right pointed out, Aaron Cook will take the mound today in place of Jorge De La Rosa:

"It was to get [Cook] every opportunity to maintain the momentum he had established during the second half of [Tuesday's 6-5 loss the Giants]," Hurdle said. "And it will give De La Rosa one more opportunity to work on the side with Bob [Apodaca, the Rockies' pitching coach]."

The last time Cook faced the Mets at home was on July 3, 2007. The Rockies won 11-3 against Justin Vargas. Ryan Spilborghs had a grand slam, and Cook allowed only three runs in 8 IP. It may be a tall order for the offense to score 11 runs today, but eight innings out of Cook should be doable.

Woody Paige ponders the fate of Clint Hurdle, while three guys discuss the Rockies and a possible breakup of the team come July. Or something.