Going to Rox at Phillies series 5/26-5/28???


Being from Pennsylvania I get to only see the Rockies a very few times a season. 
The closest I can see them just happens to be in Philly (about a 2 hour drive for me).  As much as I hate the Philadelphia Phillies, I would pay anything to see the Rox play.  And this I have done.  I will be at the entire series this year. If there are any other fellow Rowers who are attending any of the games, please let me know.  I will be looking for any fellow Rox fan that I can find because Philly is such a hostile place to be.  We need the power of numbers in a place like this.  Tonight I will be in Sec. 136 Row 1.  I imagine my friend and I will be the only Rox fans in that row so we should not be hard to miss.  Tomorrow we will be in sec 130 row 4, right behind the Rox dugout.  The last night we will be in the Hall of Fame Club box seats, row 2.  If anyone is going to be at the game and is anywhere near any of these seats, please let me know.  I would love to shake the hand of a fellow Rower and cheer on our Rox together!  And how about we keep this winning against the NL East going?  That would be mighty sweet in Philly.  Hope  you all enjoy the game tonight on this beautiful Memorial Day.  LETS GO ROCKIES!!!!!


-Tyler E.

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