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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Let's start things off with a story on the White Sox. Esteban Loaiza had been with the Dodgers through May 3 before he went on the DL. That May 3 start was against the Rockies, which the Dodgers won. He went on the DL a little while after that, but was designated for assignment once he came off it in late May. The White Sox signed him on June 4,  appearing in the three games. Apparently, Loaiza didn't maintain his baseball readiness before signing with the White Sox since his fastball wasn't all that fast (not that it was in the first place). Well, we shouldn't expect Loaiza to pitch for the White Sox against the Rockies in this series, because Adam Russell is expected to take his place on the roster before the start of tonight's contest.

In the second link, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen talked about Scott Podsednik and his role in the '05 championship for the White Sox, but then he also said this, "Unfortunately, he couldn't play last year, the year before that.'' Maybe Podsednik will do something to show him that he can still play, and then we can hear one of those classic Ozzie Guillen rants.

The Cubs are interested in Podsednik, depending on how Jim Edmonds continues to perform. Also, Kip Wells is making progress in coming back from his surgery for a blood clot in his hand.

Greg Reynolds on his performance thus far:

"It still doesn't discourage me that much because I still haven't seen the hitters beat my best stuff," Reynolds said. "They're capitalizing on my mistakes, which is something that I have to keep in mind and not get too frustrated with myself."

Also mentioned in that article (and others places), Saturday's starter will be Jorge De La Rosa.