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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Interleague play comes to an end after Sunday's game with Detroit, and, outside of Kansas City, it hasn't been all that bad for the Rockies. Two of three from Minnesota, two of three from the White Sox, and a three-game sweep of the Indians isn't bad at all. But that huge zero in the win column against the Royals is, to put it kindly, bad. After Detroit, the Rockies take on the Padres in a contest to determine the worst team in the NL West. Woo. . .

With game #81 coming this Saturday, Tracy Ringolsby looks at the fail of the Rockies this season, who is on the trade desk, and where help from the minors may come.

Do we want Jason Grilli to pitch in his old park?

As he attempts to put it all together, look at how Ubaldo Jimenez grips his pitches. Jimenez starts tonight against Eddie Bonine.