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Monday Morning Rockpile:

In order to catch up to last season's 39-42 pace at the halfway point, the Rockies would have to go 15-3 over the next eighteen games. In other words, they're in a position where winning series like the two of three over Milwaukee this past weekend isn't enough to prove they have the mettle to compete even in the weak NL West, but we would have needed to see some series sweeps by this point. So the question is, should we open shop? I think the answer's yes, but these next six series plus the one makeup game against the Braves will give Dan O'Dowd some pretty solid proof. With Arizona two games off of their 2007 pace, I could see why he would be hesitant to pull the trigger with a 13-6 or better record in that span, or likewise with a total collapse from the D-backs. Anything larger than the seven game deficit we had at the midway point last season gives a green light for an extensive retooling.

Regardless, I think either Atkins or Holliday need to be used to lure in pitching help. Ken Rosenthal also sees relievers such as Brian Fuentes as having value (he also says the Cubs might be interested in Scott Podsednik) but I would think the Rockies would wait until they know they can get solid results from Luis Vizcaino and/or Micah Bowie before dealing Brian. It would also be helpful if somebody could get Manny Corpas to stop dropping his elbow when he throws. Francis might not have the kind of trade value we'd like as Rockies fans this summer, with C.C. Sabathia and, oddly, Erik Bedard as two higher grade starters rumored to be available.