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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

Russ answered more of Jessica Bader's questions at Take the Seven Train, unfortunately, due to an increased workload this week I wasn't able to participate this time around, so I want to offer an apology to Jessica.

Brian Fuentes will say that he'll play in New York.

Matt Holliday won't say that he'll play in New York.

It's only one game and Rox Girl is already suffering from NY media fatigue. That first Fuentes link is a little at odds with Ken Rosenthal's phone interview of Brian, where he seemed inclined to play on the West Coast if possible. Another Rosenthal article suggests that the Rockies still don't know if they're buyers or sellers, but goes on to mention the likely availability of Fuentes, the possible availability of Holliday or Atkins, and even adds Clint Barmes as a possibly available player. As much as I'd hate to lose the 2008 Clint Barmes, this definitely seems like a sell him while he's high point.