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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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What do "X" and "Y" represent in the following table?

7/10 7/11 7/12
X 4 3 1
Y 3 3 1

If you said "X" was "Number of hits the Rockies had in their last three games," you are correct. If you said "Y" was "Number of hits the Mets pitching staff allowed in their last three games," you would also be correct. You could also stretch out "Y" for the two days before 7/10 when the Mets held the Giants to three hits in each game. Ran into the Mets at the wrong time, I guess. Clint Hurdle would agree:

"You have to give their staff credit," Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said. "They are throwing strikes, working ahead in counts and throwing good secondary pitches."

About the only memorable thing from yesterday's game was my encounter with two Padres fans outside of Shea after the game ended. The guy and his girlfriend mentioned they were Padres fans, and I gave a little laugh, as in "At least I'm not a Padres fan." They walked by me and then I turned around and shouted to them, "Holliday touched the plate!" The two stopped walking and turned back to face me. "No, he didn't!" the guy said with conviction. The girlfriend added, "Our commercial proves it." "You're team didn't make the playoffs, so what does a commercial matter?" I responded. Neither could answer and both walked into the crowd heading toward the 7 train.

When Mets fans start yelling "Rockies suck!" at you and you tell them that you agree with them, they just shut up.

After the last out was recorded, did anyone else ask themselves who had the Rockies' lone hit? Because I couldn't remember.