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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Dexter Fowler might be denied permission to play on the United States Olympic team in Beijing because the Rockies could have call-up plans for him according to Tracy Ringolsby. A month ago I would have laughed this off as wishful thinking, but the way Fowler's played of late, and given that neither WIlly Taveras nor Scott Podsednik have done anything to encourage the Rockies to keep him on the farm makes this seem like a much stronger possibility. While the article quotes teammate Casey Weathers, it says nothing of the possibility that the Rockies might be in the same boat with him, which is strange to me since I've still been thinking of him as the more likely of the pair to see MLB time this summer.

At any rate, the bottom line after winning two of the first three, the Rockies sputtered to another 2-5 road trip. Let's hope the All-Star Break is more of a fix this time around.