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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Aaron Cook and Matt Holliday did a fine job of representing the Rockies at the All-Star Game last night, although I wonder if we get any sympathy points from fans around the majors for Clint Hurdle's display of his passion for the bunt. That said, I do think most fans will be thankful that the pitcher he taxed the most in the long, long, affair was one of his own.

Holliday's blast, of course, underscores the sub-drama of a potential trade this summer, the bat showing that he's more than just a Coors Field phenom on a stage that amounts to an open house for potential bidders for his services. With Hideki Matsui going down with season ending surgery, the Yankees themselves would probably be wise to take note of what Holliday did last night at the house that Ruth built and Steinbrenner's taking down, albeit, the most loathed team in the majors may first be looking into the availability of the most loathed player.

Troy Tulowitzki is ready to start his rehab stint, and could be back with the Rockies by Monday.