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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

The first pitcher to ever throw a no hitter in Coors Field has decided to call it quits. If I had to rank the all time best single game performances by an opponent playing against the Rockies, Nomo's no hitter against the Blake Street Bombers in the pre-humidor era would still probably rank at the top. I had to give him a hat tip then, and I have to give him one now and wish him well on wherever his future path lies.

The Rockies opponent tonight, Pittsburgh is rumored to be shopping either or both of their corner outfielders, Jason Bay and Xavier Nady, although they are rumored to be asking a bit much for them. This at once helps the Rockies by making our corner sluggers look more affordable in comparison, but it also hinders the team by keeping the whole right handed hitting market in limbo until somebody actually takes a bite, somewhere to establish where that market exactly sits. In a very real sense, the competition between the two clubs off the field to find out who can bring in the best haul for their prime time players is more interesting at this point than the competition on the field.

My money's with the Rockies on that. As far as actually winning a road series at Pittsburgh on the field? I don't think I'd even take that bet right now. Correction: The Rockies series is in fact, at Coors. I think I like our odds a bit better now and should have recognized a 9:05 EST start as a little late for Pittsburgh.