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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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Chris Iannetta's genetically enhanced brain has apparently figured out how to defy the humidor, as his broken bat, two-run HR last night clearly demonstrates. Iannetta's bat and Ubaldo Jimenez's recovery from a shaky beginning led the Rockies to a victory in last night's game. Iannetta's tenth homerun on the season is the most by a Rockies catcher since Charles Johnson hit 13 in 2004, and CDI would need ten more to tie CJ's club record of twenty set in 2003.

Kip Wells is getting set to rejoin the Rockies rotation, with Mark redman moving to the bullpen. It's a lesser of a lot of evils choice. While I'll get to the Pebble Report a little later today, clearly we should be counting down the days to the arrival of Jhoulys Chacin, who improved to 4-0 at Modesto last night despite allowing twelve hits a nd four runs. He struck out eleven in the win.

Even as the Phillies would seem to be out of the Brian Fuentes derby with yesterday's deal for Joe Blanton, another team is reportedly added to the list of those interested. The Chicago Cubs are the latest entrant to this crowded field.