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Wednesday Morning Rockpile: Rockies Like Lions...

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Well, according to our fearless leader, at least, who sees a lot of similarities between the Lions of aught seven and the Rockies of aught six. A key difference that Hurdle somehow left out was that the Lions -according to a Google search, since I really don't know much about it- had cleaned house in their coaching ranks before what had been a sorry franchise was able to turn around. I mean, just a minor detail

As good as Aaron Cook has been for us in the past, I was somewhat surprised to find out that yesterday was his first career shutout. If he continues to pitch like he has for us this season, it shouldn't be his last. Hurdle indicated that Cookie will be going to Yankees Stadium for the Rox, which was probably a no-brainer even if somebody else was the All-Star manager.

As could usually be expected this time of season, despite Brian Fuentes' fiasco Monday night, the Rockies reliever is actually getting more interest from teams wanting to make a trade. The Cedrick Bowers call-up from yesterday should be a sign that the Rockies are seriously considering divesting themselves of their current closer, as if Bowers is successful the Rockies would have that security blanket of a lefty in the pen that every manager seems to demand.