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Game #85: Jimenez vs Wolf

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Despite being inconsistent -he had another rough outing against Detroit after being sensational vs. the Mets in his last two start- Jimenez has done a pretty decent job of avoiding disasters this season. Only three of his starts have resulted in him allowing more than four runs, compared to ten that have seen him give up four or less. Part of this early in the season was due to Hurdle handling him with kid gloves and pulling him at the first sign of trouble, but lately it's been more a result of him running into too many deep counts every other game.

I don't know why it seems that the Rockies run support for pitchers sometimes seems so disproportionately skewed according to their abilities at the plate, after all Aaron Cook, no matter how good of a hitter he is, isn't two runs per game better than Jimenez, yet a look at the Run Support for our starters shows that's exactly what he's getting in his starts:

  1. De La Rosa 5.42
    Cook 5.02
  2. Reynolds 4.07
  3. Francis 3.46
  4. Jimenez 2.97

Well, okay, maybe the pitcher's hitting isn't it, since JDLR still has .000 in his batting average column for this year. At any rate, it would be nice if the Rockies came up with a few runs off of Wolf tonight for a little more support than Jimenez is used to getting.

Go Rockies!


San Diego Padres @ Colorado Rockies

07/02/08 7:05 PM MDT

San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies
Jody Gerut - CF Ryan Spilborghs - CF
Edgar Gonzalez - 2B Todd Helton - 1B
Brian Giles - RF Matt Holliday - LF
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Garrett Atkins - 3B
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B Jeff Baker - 2B
Chase Headley - LF Brad Hawpe - RF
Khalil Greene - SS Yorvit Torrealba - C
Michael Barrett - C Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Randy Wolf - P Ubaldo Jimenez - P