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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Yorvit Torrealba thinks he'd be better off Elsewhere, but the problem is that Elsewhere doesn't really feel the same way about him. Elsewhere likes that Torrealba's just a friend and would feel smothered and awkward with Yorvit moving in all of the sudden. Elsewhere needs its space. Which is bad for us, because we were really hoping that things would work out with Elsewhere and Yorvit, because he's been eating all of our Cap'n Crunch and we really think things could heat up with our dreamy new guy, Chris if this mopey third wheel wasn't always hanging around.

Other notes mentioned there are the bad news of Greg Reynolds' arm soreness and the likelihood that Joe Koshansky will get sent back to AAA tomorrow when Tulo returns.

Jayson Nix is brushing up on his Mandarin, as the one team that really wants him right now is America's team. The U.S. is hoping the visit goes well enough for John Adams to wirte an operatic sequel to this event.