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Friday Pebble Report:

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Colorado Springs: W 9-6

The Sky Sox scored eight of their nine runs in the first three innings and then held on for a victory. Sean Smith walked seven and allowed five runs, but he also pitched five innings. His last three starts have made it apparent why he's not getting a closer  look given our current rotation difficulties in Denver, and why the Rockies don't hire me to make any sort of personnel decisions for them. Although, in my defense, could he really be any worse than Kip Wells was? Anyway, Jayson Nix is back in his AAA comfort zone, as he hit two more homeruns. Joe Koshansky hit one, had three hits and four RBI in the win.

Tulsa: W 11-6

Eric Young had a pair of doubles, Dexter Fowler had two hits and two RBI and Daniel Carte did Dex one better in both categories with three of each. I had mentioned previously that Young's power was apparently slow coming back from his hamate injury, but two extra base hits in one game is certainly a pleasant sign that it might be on its way. Meanwhile, I had also mentioned that his OBP hadn't suffered from it, and that's still the case as he's currently at .426 for the month. Comparing that to Fowlerr's July OBP, of course, would leave you wondering what the big deal was, but that's just because Dex is going at a Barry Bondsian .554 clip thus far this month. I'm really hoping that we get to see Fowler by the end of the season, as though I didn't mention it as a pressing need yesterday, center field could still definitely use an upgrade.

Modesto:  Postponed

Asheville: Off

Tri-City L 3-6

Juan Nicasio took the loss in this one, throwing just three and two thirds innings and giving up four runs, walking four and allowing four hits. I really expected him to be better than this given the reports I was receiving, and while initially he was, he's definitely dropped off a cliff these last few starts. Jordan Pacheco had two of Tri-City's six hits.

Casper: W 9-5

Two doubles and three RBI from Kiel Roling fueled the offense, while Ethan Hollingsworth pitched well enough for the win, despite giving up four runs in five innings. Much of that is thanks to Casper's pen, particularly the last three chutout innings thrown by Adam Yorgenson and Kurt Yacko.