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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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So everybody was abuzz yesterday about the whispers that Roy Halladay might be available. Halladay is certainly in a camp of player that is worth giving up a lot of talent for. Everything seems to be pointing that the Jays will look more intensely at moving him during the winter, so there's time, but I just want to say that I certainly wouldn't mind if the Rockies were a little more in on those discussions than they were with Danny Haren this past offseason.

Tracy Ringolsby breaks down where each team is at in the trade deadline dance, and he brings up a good point that a lot of the apparent surprise by the rich contending teams about the small market clubs asking for too much boils down to the fact that they are shocked that there's actually some fiscal  forethought by clubs now. We have less than a week now to see if the Rockies actually make a move, but it's clear that there's no panic to just deal for the sake of unloading Fuentes' contract.

In fact, Jayson Stark quotes Dan O'Dowd as saying just that:

But no matter which way the Rockies' roller coaster veers in the next few days, GM Dan O'Dowd says nobody should expect him to blow up his team just because it's been a disappointment.

"We won't do that," O'Dowd told Rumblings, flatly. "And it has nothing to do with the standings."

Stark also notes that Garrett Atkins is off the market with Helton's injury and says that Willy Taveras will likely be moved. Fowler's ascension seems to be getting closer by the day.