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Saturday Morning Rockpile

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Okay, a couple of notes from the overhead view of last night's game. First, records aside, the Rockies looked like a considerably better team last night, and defense was a huge part of the disparity. I mean, Stewart looking like a shortstop playing third was one thing, and Cook fielding his position like Maddux another, but our outfield also showed superior range and ability and I would say there was at least a two run swing in our favor because of it. Garrett Atkins' first inning double that got by the lead-footed Adam Dunn was nearly identical to a line drive later caught by Holliday. Taveras' range and first step were just as impressive from the top down vantage point my view level seat provided.

Second, Brad Hawpe going the opposite way for both his homerun and double were also quite pleasing to watch. Baker's shot was just a laser (And yeah, I'm happy with Jeff at second,) but Brad just sort of flicked at those pitches and yet still had enough pure power to get them  to the wall and over it. I hate to realize the implications of this statement for our team's absent elder statesman, but I really think the lineup that the Rockies used last night is probably their best available given the personnel they have in the system, even if everybody was healthy. The upgrade on defense with Stewart at third over Atkins and his power makes up for the loss of Helton's OBP. In fact, I think a closer debate would be for pushing Fowler to center over Taveras.

I don't know if I have much else to say right now. Cook was once again quietly impressive, which was nice for him to show in front of a lot of his hometown supporters. The way he worked out of the jam after the Griffey triple just crushed the hopes of the Reds fans in attendance, as they had really come alive at that point. Anyway, I hope to make it back out early tonight to get a seat, as it'll likely be a bit more crowded on Adam Dunn bobblehead night.

Yesterday's Yankees Pirates trade takes one potential Fuentes suitor off the table, and it reveals somewhat where the market for players vs prospects is at right now. The primary piece in the deal was Jose Tabata, a gifted young player who had been somewhat overhyped by the Yankees press machine his first couple of professional seasons, and therefore has seemed somewhat disappointing this year. He is not currently what would be considered an impact player along the lines of what O'Dowd is looking for, but he could become one. You would figure Fuentes and certainly Holliday are of greater value, it will be interesting to see where this takes things over the next few days.