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FanShot Tutorial

Russ' Note: What follows is actually taken directly from this post over at Gaslamp Ball. FanShots have been used sparingly by the community here, with the majority coming from me. I encourage you to use it more, because if it's good I'll promote it to the front page.

There are 6 different types of FanShots:

  1. Links - Link to a page and your own description of the page you are linking
  2. Quotes - Sharing a Quote and the link to the page
  3. Images - Sharing an Image and the link where you found the image
  4. Videos -Sharing a Video and the link/description
  5. Lists - Sharing a list you created or found (max 5 things) and the link/description of where you found it
  6. Chats - Sharing a portion of an online chat and a link/description

The most popular seem to be the Links, Quotes, Images and Videos.  The most common mistake is putting a Quote in a Link FanShot.

There are two ways to create FanShots. The first is the easiest and one that we highly recommend.

1.  Drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar to quickly post FanShots to SB Nation:


You can also  go to the Fanshot page drag the button from the top of the page.

Links - When you find an interesting article. Just click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar and it’ll automatically make a Link Fanshot and give you a place to add your own description.

Quotes - If you want to make a Quote FanShot, highlight a portion of the article and then click the "Share on SB Nation" button from your browser bookmark bar.  It will automatically populate the fields of your FanShot.

Images - Right click and "view image" so that the the image is on it's own page.  Then click your button. Some image sites like Flickr you don't need to get the picture on it's own page, you just click the button.

Video - On YouTube just click the button and it'll take care of the rest.  Otherwise you'll have to copy and paste the embed code.

When in doubt hit the button.

2. The second way to post a fan shot is to click on New FanShot below the list of FanShots on the right hand side of the home page.  Then you have to choose your type in the menu bar and create your own HTML or use the toolbar buttons to add images, descriptions and links.

Hope that's clear, let us know if you have any questions.