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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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According to Troy Renck, last night's loss

will surely spawn a series of text messages and blogs about whether the team will shift from a buying to a selling mode.

Have at it. I mean, shouldn't we just feed the flame he just started? Buy or sell?--it's a simple question.

Anyway, that link also mentions that Cleveland has contacted the Rockies about sending Paul Byrd out west. His GB% this season is 36.3%. How does that play in Coors Field? Maybe he takes the Rockies a little farther away from that line of so-so to just plain bad fifth starters, but it wouldn't be far enough. Maybe that would be enough.

And look, Renck takes up his own sentiment about moving to a selling mode by suggesting another loss like last night's could have the Rockies reconsider holding onto Fuentes.

Again, have at it. Do the Rockies become buyers, sellers, or stay in neutral? Because we wouldn't want to disappoint Renck by not discussing this.