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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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How do you start back-to-back games with a 3-0 lead and then lose? Be the Rockies is one answer. Which is to say, the Rockies have had a shoddy bullpen and stupid baserunning blunders, especially last night. Just take a look at Matt Herges' last four outings in regards to the former point:

IP H R ERA (season)
Jul 21 1 3 4 4.31
Jul 25 1 3 1 4.41
Jul 28 1 2 1 4.50
Jul 29 1 2 2 4.76

Before that disastrous July 21 game against the Dodgers, Herges' ERA stood at 3.64.

And with two losses to the Pirates, the Rockies are still the worst team on the road (17-38). Atlanta, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Washington are all better (by one). Even Seattle can win three more games on the road than the Rockies.

Speaking of Seattle, on last night's Baseball Tonight Buster Olney made a passing comment that the Rockies have talked to Seattle about acquiring Jarrod Washburn after the Yankees trade proposal was off-putting. That interest is also mentioned in this Denver Post article.

We're just a day away from the trading deadline. Stay tuned for what the Rockies may or may not do.