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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

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I just linked this for the signings news in the comments to today's Pebble Report, but Tracy Ringolsby gives an update on the speculative trade front that says the Rockies could still deal Brian if somebody caves in the next four and a half hours, and we are looking strongly at reacquiring Josh Fogg. Fogg would be the Reds biggest trade of the day. You know I'm "Kid"ding when I say that, right? Stewart and Fowler for Duscherer seems a little crazy, but Fowler and Weathers and a bunch of money to pay him for Washburn? That's completely off the wall, still, Baseball Prospectus' WIll Carroll says that Washburn will likely go to us or the Yankees. The News has collected some Rockies rumors from around the web that includes the tidbit that we were also in on Kyle Loshe.

Meanwhile, Troy E. Renck is chalking up the performance of Aaron Cook last night as the reason that Fuentes won't be dealt. I'm glad newspaper people have the level headed ability to take one game in context and leave it up to us bloggers to wildly speculate about the team buying or selling after each individual win or loss. Anyway, snark aside, a win in PNC, and a winning road trip was nice to see. I'll try and keep an eye on the wire today for trades.