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Friday Morning Rockpile: Fourth of July Edition

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Nothing like celebrating a win with some fireworks afterward. What did last night's game mean to the players? Let's look at their own words:

"This is something to build on," Herges said. "This is a big win. We came back twice. I hate talking about last year, but that's what we did last year. We picked each other up. That's the kind of game we won all the time last year, and it's what we can do."

"If there's ever such a thing as a spark, this should be it," Spilborghs said.

Maybe they declared their independence from bad baseball last night.

Clint Hurdle says Jeff Baker will receive more playing time at first base in order to have Helton's lower back heal. Also in the article, Matt Holliday wants to participate in the Home Run Derby if he's asked to, and, as we first learned a few weeks ago, the Rockies have a better chance at signing Andy Burns now that Kentucky's coaching staff is in a period of transition.

Time for more fireworks tonight. Certainly after the game, but let's see some more out of the Rockies' bats.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!