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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Couldn't the Brewers and Indians wait three more days?

The immediate ramifications for the Rockies in the wake of C.C. Sabathia going to Milwaukee rather than Los Angeles (the Dodgers were the other frontrunner for him) probably wouldn't amount to much if anything, but it does keep the door slightly ajar for the Dodgers to make a serious Matt Holliday bid. The pressure seems to be building in Dodgerland for LA to make one big move this summer to make a push for the seemingly easily obtainable NL West crown. I still don't think it's enough to push a Holliday deal, so I guess the biggest thing that comes of this for the Rockies is a sigh of relief from our position players that another ace hasn't been added to an NL West opponent. Or at least, that would be the case if we didn't also have the likelihood of facing Sabathia tomorrow anyway, since we're in Milwaukee for a four game set.

Sabathia or not, the Rockies once again have the chance to prove they're something more than pretenders with the current road trip. So far, at just about every opportunity to do so on the road this season they have failed pretty miserably, including a 0-6 on the last trip. The team certainly needs a strong week heading into the All Star break to give them something to build on. The trouble is that Milwaukee has one of the league's best home field advantages over the last couple of seasons, and just swept the Pirates. Winning there is never easy, even without the Brewers' new ace.

The future of the Rockies Spring Training home in Tucson suffered another setback as the Arizona state legislature adjourned without giving permission to a regional sports authority to raise money for renovations to Hi Corbett.