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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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Well, the Rockies got that first win on the road out of the way rather early. Now they run into the Brewers' recent acquistion, pitcher Carsten Charles Sabathia. All right, let's just call him C.C. Anyway, this will be Sabathia's first start against the Rockies since 2005 when he was knocked around  for six runs in 3 1/3 innings. But those were the 2005 Rockies, who blew a 6-2 lead and lost 6-7 in 11 innings.  Eddy Garabito, Preston Wilson, Dustan Mohr, Ryan Shealy, Luis Gonzalez, Desi Relaford, Danny Ardoin, David Cortes, Blaine Neal (I don't remember that guy at all)--the Rockies sure have come a long way. Sabathia was also beat up in a 2003 start against the Rockies.

Still, Mark Redman's going up against Sabathia. That doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence. Nor does, as we discussed in the game thread yesterday, the other pitching match-ups. Glendon Rusch says he's the starter for Wednesday's game. He'll face Ben Sheets (10-2, 2.77 ERA). Thursday's game features Jorge De La Rosa against Dave Bush. That's not too daunting of a task as compared to the previous two starters for the Brewers.

A day doesn't go by when we don't have a Hurdle quote that includes "No excuses." Actually, I'm convinced that that is just an excuse.

Mark Kiszla, that's not exactly the image I need in my mind.