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Monday Morning Rockpile:

1-8. The Rockies have one win in nine games against the Snakes. There are nine games left between the two teams. That means, if the Rockies drop two of three in this coming series, there's going to be another SnakePit Day around these parts some time between the end of the season and the day pitchers and catchers report.

Or to put it another way, the Rockies need to win out against the D'Backs in order to have Purple Row Day over at the SnakePit. Strangers things have happened--I guess.

And does anyone remember what the original bet for the 2007 season between Rox Girl and Jim was? Take a look for yourselves here. Yeah, that's right. It involved current Rockie Livan Hernandez. You know, the guy who thinks the fans didn't see the real Livan yesterday. The guy who gets another chance on Saturday against his former team, the Nationals. At least he sounds sincere after his poor performance:

"I try my best," Hernandez said. "It's not happen the way I want. It's difficult. I got to move forward and help the team win. I know I no do good today. I'm sorry. I try my best."

Still, what will it take for the higher-ups to realize that even the best out of a pitcher or player just won't be good enough? We may never find out.

Note to Rox Girl: Stop making bets with Jim and the SnakePit.