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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:



Yeah, that's the funeral procession Troy Renck starts his game recap with. Though it may be a bit more extravagant than the Rockies deserve. And since Aaron Cook's not taking the mound on Thursday, that procession gets just a little bit longer: Glendon Rusch, Jorge De La Rosa, and Livan Hernandez.

Let's look on some of the better things going on right now. Dexter Fowler's words to live by are those for his father's company: "Exceeding Expectations." Here's one of the many good parts of that piece:

Asked whether Fowler's performance this season was unanticipated by the Rockies organization, [Bill] Geivett said, "I think so. . . . He doesn't have as good a bat control as he probably will when he really has his true strength that he's going to have. I think he's very close to that. He's much stronger and quicker with the bat now, and I think that's what's really helped him take off."

Fowler desires to earn a degree in computer science in the future. Reminds me of a few years ago when Mark Prior completed his degree at USC. Greg Maddux told him he was overqualified for the job.

Bill Geivett also chimed in on what Casey Weathers needs to do to get to the majors:

To get there, Geivett said Weathers needs to acquire "true command of his fastball. Right now, he's got OK control of it. But really true command where he can follow the (catcher's) glove with his fastball and put it there when he needs to - I'd say that's the biggest issue that he faces."

The future can't get here soon enough.

Gotta have better results tonight, right?