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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Okay, on the docket for today:

Brian Fuentes' tightrope act last night turned out successful, but I'd like a few more 1-2-3 appearances from him from here on out just to help make sure that he jumps into the free agency pool and won't be tempted to accept arbitration. I want those draft picks, dang it.

Oscar Villareal amounts to a "cellar air salvo" from the Rockies, a bunch of stale wind that doesn't amount to much impact. But I do have to admit he's got a great name for anagram generators. "Larvae sac I roll,"  he says.

Spilly's taking his swings now, the Rockies could use his bat for a little more right handed production besides what we're getting primarily from Holliday and Iannetta.

One of the biggest differences between 2007 and 2008 has been a big drop in production value relative to the league from most of our position players. Last year we had five of the MLB's top 60 players in terms of VORP (Matt, Todd, Tulo, Hawpe and Atkins) but so far this year just Holliday cracks that list. With a big night yesterday, Hawpe's inching closer to joining him, however. Brad currently ranks 66th, and his consistency from year to year (even though he's pretty streaky within them) bodes well for his ability to retain value over the course of the extension he signed last winter.