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Monday Morning Rockpile:

One used to be the loneliest number for Omar Quintanilla. That is, it was until yesterday afternoon. Omar Quintanilla, he of one career home run, hit a  walk-off homer for the Rockies, the last team to do it in the NL and the first for the team since Todd Helton did it to win the back end of the double header against the Dodgers on September 18. The blast was so important that Barack Obama decided to drop Joe Biden from the ticket and name Omar Quintanilla his running mate. Okay, maybe that's not true. But Quintanilla ranks this homer as one of the two best moments in his career, the other being his first homer. And for the fans, it was certainly an unexpected delight.

Still, Clint Hurlde says a lot more by not saying something:

"There's too many games you feel terrible about when you lose. You got to feel good about this game."

I really thought he would have said, "You've got to feel good going forward after this game," but then I guess he realized that the Rockies draw a tough match-up tonight against San Francisco's Matt Cain.

Speaking of the Giants and presidential elections, the Rockies make their way out to San Francisco so as not to overshadow the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. Um, wait, even if they were in town, the Rockies wouldn't make more headlines than the convention.

Woody Paige expounds on what the Rockies need to do in the future since the season started back in March/April and not in June and mentions his meeting with Keith Olbermann.