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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

Well, here's the answer as to why Tulo batted eighth last night:

Manager Clint Hurdle explained that Tulowitzki was batting eighth Monday because he wanted to split up the right-handed hitters — Yorvit Torrealba and Tulowitzki — to create a tougher matchup for the Giants' left-handed relievers.

In the eighth, lefty Alex Hinshaw gave up a single to left-hitting Ian Stewart, walked Torrealba, got his only out on Q's sac bunt, and then intentionally walked Tulo before leaving the game. Jeff Baker hit a sac fly to add an insurance run when Billy Sadler entered the game. Does that make it right?

A Saturday game against the Padres may have been a good match-up to televise on Fox late last season, but not this year:

Fox nationally cancelled plans to telecast Saturday’s game so the Padres have moved it to a night game (8:05 p.m., MDT) and it will be televised by FSN Rocky Mountain.

Let's start placing bets on next season's broadcast schedules. How many times will the Rockies appear on ESPN and Fox? I'll put the over/under at one.