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Just To Make This Clear

Profanity is acceptable at a PG, possibly PG-13 level in game threads or in other breaking news items (transactions, mostly) where knee jerk reactions are to be expected. In other posts, be more measured and careful with your responses. Take time to think them through and preview them before posting. [...] Even taking out most of the letters of profanity is not acceptable. For example, this is not something to do: "F------ng pitcher!"

That's from the rules and regulations. You agreed to them when you signed up--abide by them. Look, the reactions to Q's homer on Sunday were perfectly fine, but last night one commenter repeatedly violated this rule. Banned, and I've not decided on for how long. No more warnings after this one. I will delete and delete and delete. Eventually it will result in a banning. The rules need to be enforced and followed; if not, then what's the point of even having them?

Really, this isn't a huge problem because most everyone here does follow the rules. But this needs to be addressed from time to time.