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Monday Morning Rockpile:

Not counting single-series road trips, this 10-game road stint was the best one by the Rockies yet:

Dates Record Opponents
1 4/11-4/18 5-4 Ari (1-2), SD (2-1), Hou (2-1)
2 4/25-4/30 1-5 LAD (0-3), SF (1-2)
3 5/9-5/15 1-5 SD (1-2), Ari (0-3)
4 5/26-6/4 2-8 Phi (0-3), Chi (0-4), LAD (2-1)
5 6/24-6/29 0-6 KC (0-3), Det (0-3)
6 7/7-7/13 2-5 Mil (2-2), NY (0-3)
7 7/25-8/3 6-4 Cin (3-0), Pit (1-2), Fla (2-2)

Let's hope that the Rockies aren't on a pendulum and are about to swing to the other (bad) side again. Twenty-one of the Rockies' remaining games come on the road, and they're mostly in the division. Next week's series in Washington and early September's three-game stop in Atlanta are the exceptions.

But now the Rockies are back home for 10 games against the Nats, the Padres, and D'Backs. There's no season record yet against the Nats, but the Rockies are 2-1 at home while playing the Padres and a big 0-3 hosting the D'Backs. You remember those three games against the Snakes to start the home season from April 4-6, right? Outscored 5-20, Manny blowing the save in the final game after Franklin Morales went six innings and limited the D'Backs to two hits. Maybe it's better if you don't.

So, the Nationals are the worst team in the majors right now, having 41 wins in 111 contests. They also have a worse road record than the Rockies: 18-37. They have Tim Redding taking the mound tonight. The Rockies have Aaron Cook. That's about right.

It might be corrected by the time you read this, but notice that Renck twice makes the same mistake. Maybe it's because lately the suckitude of the two players has intertwined them.