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Game #118: Rusch vs Peavy

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San Diego Padres
@ Colorado Rockies

Friday, Aug 8, 2008, 7:05 PM MDT
Coors Field

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For some reason, these preview boxes haven't had the starting pitcher's the last couple of days, but rest assured that the Rockies don't get to avoid a divisional arch-nemesis tonight. Of course, this particular arch-nemesis has give us less trouble than some, but Peavy's still a big time ace, and we have Glendon Rusch as our counter-play tonight.

The game plan seems to be hoping to win by outwitting the Padres with clever subterfuge rather than actual talent at least as far as the pitching match-up is concerned, so I suggest the Rockies show up to the game planning to have a mystery box party where they have clues that lead to certain Coors Field landmarks with little tchotchke's as prizes, like hiding a Tony Gwynn Jr. Bobblehead doll at the spot at t'he base of the right field wall where Matt Holliday's Game 163 triple landed and the clue that leads to it could be something like "Look to the spot where we crushed your pitiful hearts on our way to the World Series for a fondly remembered son". Or an AC/DC Hell's Bells single at the spot on (or close enough to) home plate where Holliday touched to score the winning run with a clue like "Win or go home". Those are just random thoughts off the top of my head, obviously, but there are probably more. Like maybe a Rockies 2008 NL Wild Card cap in the visitor's dugout with a clue like "Look where the losers sat for what they could have won". You know, fun stuff for all parties involved like that.

Go Rockies.