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Monday Pebble Report

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The Springs, L 6-9: Joe Koshansky hit his 31st homer, a solo shot in the ninth. Franklin Morales allowed six runs on five hits and a walk in 2+ innings. Matt Herges allowed a run in one inning of relief.

Tulsa, W 9-5: Chris Nelson's three-run triple in the middle of the fourth ripped open the scoring in this contest. EY Jr. had an RBI double earlier in the inning, and Jeff Kindel and Corey Wimberly each had RBI singles after Nelson unleashed the triple. Jeff Kindel knocked in two runs in the first. Dexter Fowler had three singles and scored twice.

Xavier Cedeno allowed four runs in four innings, but the relief corps held things in check (with some minor problems along the way). Tomas Santiago allowed only a hit in three innings but also walked three. Casey Weathers went 1 1/3 innings but allowed a run on three hits. He struck out two. Ryan Mattheus picked up the last two outs with little trouble.

Modesto, L 2-4: In the  fourth inning, Daniel Mayora hit his seventh homer and Jay Cox had a sac fly. That was all the offense the team has, as Mayora's homer was the only hit for the Nuts. Brandon Durden allowed three runs in six innings and struck out four.

Asheville, L 6-10: Brian Rike drove in three runs on a single and a double. Bo Bowman collected three hits, and David Christensen had two hits and an RBI. Robinson Fabian went one inning and allowed two runs. Joey Williamson went four innings and allowed three runs. 

Tri-City, W 7-0: Sheng-An Kuo and J.R. Murphy combined on a two-hitter yesterday. Kuo allowed both hits and struck out nine in 7 1/3 innings. Murphy struck out three in 1 2/3 innings.

The offense scored all seven runs in the second inning. Johnny Bowden started the inning off with a double, but after a Ryan Peisel walk and Austin Rauch single, Bowden was out at home on the force out Chad Lembeck hit into. After that, the scoridng started: a James Sims RBI single, a Derek Kinzler two-run double, and a Charlie Blackmon two-run single. After an Erik Wetzel sac bun and pitcher's throwing error, Patrick Rose put Charlie Blackmon across home plate. After a wild pitch, Johnny Bowden hit a sac fly to score Erik Wetzel, the seventh and final run.

Casper: Cancelled due to rain.