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Wednesday Rockpile: Taylor Buchholz's walk-off balk continues Rockies' slide

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The champagne popping you heard yesterday wasn't coming from the Colorado Rockies' locker room after having lost to the Atlanta Braves. It would be silly to celebrate that. No, those sounds came from scientists across the world, celebrating the successful firing of their particle collider. Yet, as the article states, there are those who fear that micro-black holes could form with the use of the collider. If, as some fear, one forms and grows . . . well, the Rockies may have been its first victim last night. At the very least, the Rockies are on the event horizon of the black hole and are effectively done for the season. Things really aren't going well when you lose on a walk-off balk. As Taylor Buchholz said in Jack Etkin's recap, "Stupidest thing I've ever done, pretty much."

The Rockies are holding organizational meetings this week in Atlanta, where they're surely discussing next season's closer situation. Brian Fuentes is going to be a hot  commodity during the free agency period, especially after Billy Wagner learned he won't be pitching in 2009. But I wouldn't necessarily put Fuentes at the top of the list for closers that the Mets are looking at. Who would, with Francisco Rodriguez about to be a free agent? Fuentes certainly realizes that with his quote at the end of that section on the article.

So, who's going to close for the Rockies if Fuentes doesn't re-sign with the Rockies? Well, we can get more into that if and when Fuentes leaves the land of purple mountains, but the Denver Post goes with the obvious solution: Manny Corpas. The article speculates that Taylor Buchholz "could get a shot" after the season he had this year.

Anyone want to disagree with Patrick Saunders' five points on why the Rockies failed this season?