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Monday Rockpile: Troy Tulowitzki doesn't like losing seasons

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Since the Rockies are going to have a sub-.500 record this season, let's remember that Troy Tulowitzki has finally experienced his first losing season. Let's look at that for a minute:

Team Year W-L
LBSU 2003 41-20
LBSU 2004 40-21
LBSU 2005 32-22
Tulsa 2006 75-64
Col 2007 90-73
Col 2008 68-82

Still, this chart is something we should give more attention to:

2nd Half 178 22 56 9 2 3 21 19 26 .315 .380 .438 .351

During the first half of the season, Tulo's BABIP was an absurdly low .175. So, basically Tulo's had a tale of two extremes this season, but a .351 BABIP isn't entirely out of the blue for him. Last year he had a .340 BABIP in the first half and .329 in the second half. While it is hard to maintain a high BABIP, it's not entirely out of the question. One of Tulo's favorite players, Derek Jeter, holds a career .360 BABIP. Just sayin', not comparin'. We'll get more into those non-traditional stats after the season is over and review how things went for each person on the roster.

Greg Reynolds thinks his first major league start in over two months will be the start of something good, and Ryan Spilgborghs debates whether he should play winter ball in Mexico this season. See here. Should Spilly make up for the lost playing time with the Rockies by heading south or should he spend the off season preparing for Spring Training? That is, if the two aren't the same thing.