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Wednesday Rockpile: The Colorado Rockies can't escape Livan Hernandez

Seriously, Livan Hernandez gets kicked out of the rotation after his struggles, to put it lightly, only to be put back in after the Rockies announce Jeff Francis won't pitch for the rest of the season? That's just the way the season has gone. Livan Hernandez says, "I am going to throw everything and give us a chance to win." I believe I wrote this once before: Sometimes throwing your best just isn't good enough. Sometimes your best sucks. Let's hope Francis returns to form in 2009, since we don't need the Rockies bringing in more pitchers to patchwork a rotation, if you can call it that.

Garrett Atkins wants to forget this season, put the possibility of a trade in the off-season aside, and just play ball for the Rockies. How true will Atkins's last supposition be years from now?

The RMN obtained a copy of the Rockies' 2009 schedule. I'm looking forward to that four-game series at Citi Field at the end of July. May Citi Field be kinder to the Rockies than Shea Stadium has over the last few years.