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Thursday Rockpile: A win for Thurman, Genske and Koshansky

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Having difficulty placing the first two names? They're the agents for Brian Fuentes and Livan Hernandez, respectively, both of whom should benefit from yesterday's 1-0 victory over the Padres as much as anybody. Rather than being a test of the Rockies future, yesterday's game turned out to be more of a showcase for two players who are almost certain to sign elsewhere in 2009 and one whose future with the team may be just as short if the Rockies could find a willing trade partner.

One thing that remains a major issue on the offensive side of the ball, and this goes with item 1c in PinchHitLancePainter's diary, and was in ample evidence yesterday is the offense's inability to adjust at the plate. Josh Geer is a AAAA soft tossing, fastball-changeup-curve pitcher that should normally be expected to get thrashed by major league quality hitters. Sure he was the Texas League pitcher of the year last season, but that's simply because the minors are his natural home. That is probably part of the problem in that everybody save Chris Iannetta seemed to be trying too hard to hit his pitches over the fence every time they came to the plate. It's not surprising then that only Joe Koshansky succeeded. Win or not, Josh Geer made the Rockies look like a AAA team yesterday, and that should never be an acceptable outcome.

Wilin Rosario was named the Pioneer League's top prospect by Baseball America. Sorry I haven't put up more minor league review pieces yet, I've had power outage issues this week thanks to residual winds from Hurricane Ike. I'll try and get Casper's and Tri-City's finished by the end of this weekend.