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Game #154: De La Rosa vs Scherzer

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Remember when the schedule came out and we kind of circled this series as important for our playoff hopes? And D-backs fans probably circled it as important for their playoff hopes and there was even a slight possibility that this could be, as it was in 2007, a preview of the NLCS? So the here and now isn't quite as rosy as it was projected to be for either of these teams and instead we get a matchup of two pitchers the respected clubs hope can be answers in their rotations for 2009. JDLR is coming off a pair of back to back fifth starter type of outings -not great, we lost both games and he gave up four runs in each, but not terrible either- after a good month in August, so we're kind of looking for a rebound. Scherzer is sort of a pitching personifcation of Kerouac's overused "mad ones" riff, a mechanical nightmare that will nonetheless be a force to reckon with until his shoulder explodes like a firecracker.

It's my want as an avid follower of the NL West then to see a pitching duel like we got on Wednesday tonight. To see some hope that this division's drop back down into the land of punchlines for 2008 was only temporary. Of course, knowing how 2008 went out West, what that probably means we'll wind up seeing is something of the order of the 18-17 Independence Day spectacle. At that point, as long as we win again, I'll be happy. Go Rockies.