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Tuesday Rockpile:

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Will it be a September  to remember? Or how about a "Rocktember?" Davie Krieger's not really buying into the "Rocktember" thing, but he offers one or two positives to be taken from the season if the Rockies wind up doing their own thing in October instead of playing ball.

If Jorge De La Rosa can turn it around, as he continued to demonstrate yesterday, then maybe, just maybe. . . .

News and notes from Tracy Ringolsby:

  • Call-ups: Dexter Fowler already, and to include Edwin Bellroin, Oscar Villarreal, Jason Hirsh, and Joe Koshansky
  • Torrealba will have surgery on Wednesday.

So, yeah, Hirsh will finally make it back to the bigs this year, but the big story to follow from the call-ups is Dexter Fowler. Is the future now?