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Monday Rockpile: The Rockies finish the year at home as losers

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With yesterday's loss closing out the season at home, the Rockies finished with a 43-38 home record. That's certainly far from being the worst one this decade, but it could have been better.

2000 48 33
2001 41 40
2002 47 34
2003 49 32
2004 38 43
2005 40 41
2006 44 37
2007 51 31
2008 43 38

Just read the opening paragraphs of the Denver Post's recap:

Chuck and Moreen Williams sit 16 rows behind the Rockies' dugout at Coors Field. They have been season-ticket holders since the team's inception in 1993 and attend close to 50 games a year.

They also own season tickets to the Broncos but passed up Sunday's Broncos-Saints thriller so they could see the Diamondbacks drub the Rockies 13-4 in the Rockies' home finale.

It was an afternoon that illustrated many of the things that went haywire for the Rockies in this most disappointing of seasons.

Chuck and Moreen Williams must like the pain, just as most of us here do. Watch a hapless, losing Rockies team or attend a Broncos game? Choose the former, you're probably not thinking straight. Choose the latter, you're a pragmatist.

Anyway, I'm going to one last game at Shea tonight. Wouldn't it be something if Jon Niese threw a perfect game? Wait, I'm talking about a Mets pitcher here. Guess they'll close out Shea this week without a no-hitter. Maybe they'll have better luck at Citi Field. Now, the Rockies also need to work on throwing a no-hitter.