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Reliving Rocktober One Day At A Time



With one last game to play, the Colorado Rockies are about to end yet another season without partaking in the playoffs. It will be a silent October for the Rockies, but it won't be silent here on Purple Row. We're going to relive Rocktober 2007 day-by-day. We'll go back into the archives, link to the entries from those days, and discuss such a wonderful month (well, wonderful until the World Series).

I encourage everyone here to participate not only in the entries Rox Girl and I put up, but also to publish your own FanPosts and FanShots related to Rocktober. If anyone is interested in helping Rox Girl and I throughout the month on our trip through Rocktober, e-mail me so we can discuss granting permission to be a front-page author for the month.

Reliving Rocktober will actually start tomorrow night with a personal story. It's a story about the intersection of Rocktober and a guy getting to know this amazing girl.