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The 2009 Season Begins Today for the Colorado Rockies

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The 2009 season will start today for the Rockies with a face-to-face meeting between Dan O'Dowd and Clint Hurdle. We have the entire offseason to discuss what should be or should have been done for the Rockies to get back on track (like maybe trading Torrealba?). Today, I just want to thank everyone who's stopped by and visited Purple Row throughout the season. We've broken almost all of our previous statisitical records for visits each month. The only exceptions being this September and the coming October. We had 50,799 visitors during the October run and it will be hard to match that again. With the way the September has gone, it's easy to understand why we won't crack 20,000 visitors. But during the season we went over 500,000 visitors and 2,000,000 page views.

So, keep on coming back before the 2009 season starts. We're reliving Rocktober, following the 2008 postseason, examining the players in-depth, and looking at what should be done in the coming weeks and months. Before we know it, baseball will be back.