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Wednesday Rockpile:

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NL West Standings

Arizona 70 68 .507 0 Lost 1
Los Angeles 69 70 .496 1.5 Won 4
Colorado 66 74 .471 5 Won 2
San Francisco 59 79 .427 11 Lost 5
San Diego 53 85 .384 17 Lost 2

(updated 9.3.2008 at 9:34 AM EDT)

See, creeping closer. And you don't want to see the Wild Card standings widget since it's too long and the Rockies are, oh, 15 games behind Milwaukee.

Jason Grilli played a huge part in picking up the victory last night. According to FanGraphs, Grilli's WPA was .426, the most for last night. And he was doing it in high leverage situations, as his average Leverage Index situation was 3.02. Ryan Spilborghs, obviously, also made a huge contribution. He made the most of his one at-bat when he singled in the winning run. As Spilly says in the Denver Post's recap: " 'My attitude in that situation is that I can't fail,' Spilborghs said. 'If I get a hit, I am a hero. If not, I keep grinding.' "

Dexter Fowler explains what happened once he entered the game last night:

"All I saw when I peeked back was the catcher (Bengie Molina) step out like it was a pitch out. I thought I was hosed," Fowler said. "If I had gone, he probably would have made a perfect throw."

Franklin Morales, heading to instructs to work on his delivery, and Juan Morillo will both participate in winter ball later this the year. As Renck also mentions, Morillo is out of options heading into the 2009 season. You know, since someone on the internets erroneously reported that Morillo was out of options back in March, and Renck didn't even have the decency to mention where that was reported on the internets. Did you know that on the RMN's Rockies page there are links to Purple Row and other Rockies blogs? The Denver Post doesn't have any.

The Rockies nominated Jeff Francis for the Roberto Clemente Award, an award given to players involved with giving back to their community.

SB Nation launched a new blog yesterday, Blog Huddle. According to the introductory post, it will include:

  • Announcements of new blogs
  • Introductions of new features
  • Tips + tricks on using the platform
  • Scheduled downtime notices and outage explanations
  • Media mentions of our blogs and the network
  • General observations on the growth of sports blogging overall